Dawn of Dragons


1 Campaign Description

YEAR: 853 A year where the world seems at the end of an era. The church of Pelor has gathered immense power and has started proseccuting all members of opposing churches as heretics in order to prevail their monotheistic beliefs. Humans are seizing most positions of power in all domains while other races are often found living in small villages far from human civilisation. Other races are quite frequently met in human villages, towns, armies and societies where they live in harmony with most people. Some fanatics of Pelor try to purge the human race but hostilities against other races are very rare. In big cities plague and disease is a common companion of the low life peasants who usually live by working for their landlords. In the towns there are some merchants who are a new rising class in the society. In the last ten years a small expedition under the command of Reynard Palmer a visionary explorer, discovered civilisation accross the deserts of the far west. Thus kings and queens eager to gain new power and lands are starting similar expeditions to every corner of the known world. A new era is dawning, a time for adventurers to explore new lands, ght the wars of feudarchs or kings. A time to gain power through the church of Pelor or stand against their false beliefs, a time opportunities for both poor and rich, lowlifes and nobles.

2 Politics

The known world, called Albarcur, is divided into some kingdoms, who in their turn are divided into smaller feuds, each controlled by nobles with their armies. Commonly nobles act under the advice of a counsil that usually consists of clerics and some of the most wealthy and powerful merchants or guilds of each feud. Each King also has a counsil of noblemen and often bishops of Pelor to advice them. Wars between feuds and kingdoms are quite often.

3 Religion

During the last centuries the church of Pelor is growing in power, reaching the point to abandon the idea of a Pantheon and consider Pelor the one and only god. This has lead during the last year to a more aggressive stance against members of other churches, who in fear of being proseccuted have left their temples in the cities and use hideouts to gather and prey for the help of their deities. Most temples have been transformed into temples of Pelor whose clergy is considering other deities as inferior. Hostilities amongst the church of Pelor and other ones are becoming more often driving clerics and peasants to join Pelor and abandon the old gods. The remaining followers of other Deities try to avoid confrontation and hide their true beliefs. The church of Pelor has <<widened>> the path of their own god allowing them to seize power instead of protecting the helpless. Thus allowing their cleric to use more domains than the ones coming directly from the deity. The Pelorite church is united and has a strict hierarchy. The head of the church lives in the Pelorite town,Ition, in south Astoya which is one of the most powerful and wealthiest kingdoms, pulling the strings of the known world’s kingdoms.  * Main deity: Pelor, although the church of Pelor has abandondoned the path of their patron deity for a less peaceful way to obtain power. Thus there are following changes for clerics of Pelor: # Domains: Good, Healing, Strength, Sun, Law, War, Knowledge # Cleric Alignment: LN, NG, LG, CG # Favored Weapon: Mace, Flails and Hammers. *  Other deities: Still existent, although rarer and often hide to perform their speci c rituals. They are often disguised to avoid suspicion and don’t openly use their holy symbols.

4 Magic

The power that comes from the winds of magic is something feared by the simple peasantry. The church of Pelor in the pursuit of power is trying to control the arcane magic by having some wizards and sorcerers work for them. Feudarchs also have some wizards as advisors but they don’t publicly admit it. Even peasants often visit witches and wizards for advice or small spells to help their everyday life. Thus even while magic is generally feared and openly proseccuted there are a lot of people who seek the help and wisdom of the channelers of arcane power. From simpletons to kings. Besides that those magicians who publicly show their magic are usually hunt down and put to the trials openly used in the Middle Ages.  * low-magic *  extremely rare magic items/weapons. *  magic is feared and wizards or sorcerers that use magic in public are proseccuted and usually after a short trial burned on the stake. *  Wizards and Sorcerers avoid wearing weird eccentric clothes but rather try to mingle with the people they are surrounded by. Be that peasants, warriors or noblemen.

5 Player Info

Through a hard life of training, or a noble heritage, a life of adventure or a quiet city life your character has moved to the city of Anilia, this is a small, well-populated city built predominantly of stone and defended by local militia. It is well known for its large and busy market square. Most of its revenue comes from mining. The city rests on a hill and is the capital of the feud of Lord Ferdinand Edgar of Rosarind, close to the border of the feud belonging to a power hungry nobleman, Leonard the Daring, Duke of Courfeld.  * Race: Any *  Starting level: 3 *  Abilities: Point buy-25.1 *  Starting gold: 1500 gp *  Alignment: Neutral-Good alignments are more common in the world *  Deity: Non-Pelor believers have to be more carefull with expressing their beliefs openly *  Country of Origin: Trysand

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